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Quick Facts About Berlin

Full Name: Irving Berlin
Birth Place: Mogilyov, Belarus
Date of Birth: 11-May-1888
Date of Death: 22-Sep-1989
Wife(s): Dorothy Goetz & Ellin Mackay

Commonly Asked Questions About Berlin

What is Berlin's full name?

Irving Berlin (A.K.A. Israel Baline)

Where was Berlin Born?

Mogilyov, Belarus

When was Berlin born?


When did Berlin die?


Who was part of Berlin's family tree?

Hi first wife, Dorothy Goetz gave Berlin no children. On the other hand, his second wife, Ellin Mackay gave him three daughters, Mary E. Burden, Linda Emmet, and Elizabeth.

What is Berlin's gender?


What is Berlin's race or ethnicity?


Currently where lay Berlin's remains?

Buried, Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY

Where did Berlin die?

New York City

How old would Berlin be if he would currently be alive in the year of 2009?

About 121 years old

How many compositions in total did Berlin create?

What were Berlin's hobbies?

Playing the piano

What instruments did Berlin compose for?

He composed for almost all instruments.

How old was Berlin when he died?

one-hundered and one(101)

How old was Berlin when he composed his first piece?

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