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Quick Facts About Bach

Full Name: Johann Sebastian Bach
Birth Place: Eisenach, Germany
Date of Birth: March 21, 1685
Date of Death: July 28, 1750
Wife(s): Maria Barbara & Anna Magdalena

Commonly Asked Questions About Bach

What is Bach's full name?

Johann Sebastian Bach

Where was Bach Born?

Eisenach, Germany

When was Bach born?

March 21, 1685

When did Bach die?

July 28, 1750

Who was part of Bach's family tree?

Bach had two wives. The first being Maria Barbarawhich gave Bach two children, Wilhelm Friedmann and Carl Philipp Emanuel. Bach's Second wife, Anna Magdalena also had children but one more than Bach's previous marrige total. This makes Backs second marrige have three children. They brought life to J.C. Friedrich, W.F. Ernist, and Johann Christian.

What is Bach's gender?


What is Bach's race or ethnicity?


Currently where lay Bach's remains?

Buried, St. John's Church, Leipzig, Germany

Where did Bach die?

Leipzig, Germany

How old would Bach be if he would currently be alive in the year of 2009?

About 324 years old

How many compositions in total did Bach create?

Twenty-seven (27)

What were Bach's hobbies?

What instruments did Bach compose for?

He composed for the church organ, clavichord, harpsichord, the clavier, and strings.

How old was Bach when he died?

sixty-five (65)

How old was Bach when he composed his first piece?

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