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Quick Facts About Liszt

Full Name: AKA Franz Joseph Liszt
Birth Place: Raiding (formerly Doborjan), Hungary
Date of Birth: 22-Oct-1811
Date of Death: 31-Jul-1886
Trivia: Wrote 19 hungarian rhapsodies

Commonly Asked Questions About Liszt

What is Liszt full name?

AKA Franz Joseph Liszt

When was Liszt born?


When did Liszt die?


What was his nationality?


What is Liszt's gender?


What is Liszt's race or ethnicity?


Where are Liszt's remains located?

Buried, Bayreuth Friedhof, Bayreuth, Germany

Where did Liszt die?

Bayreuth, Germany

How old would Liszt be if he would currently be alive in the year of 2009?

About 198 years old

What were Liszt's hobbies?

What instruments did Liszt compose for?

How old was Liszt when he died?


How old was Liszt when he composed his first piece?

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